Garden Maintenance Cape Town

The first thing we do to our homes are paint, fix, and decorate it according to what we prefer and what makes us feel happy and relaxed in that space. We push loads of money into the different items that make our house beautiful often finding ourselves making a few changes by renovating our homes. Often our budgets are solely set for the interior of the home and not the exterior. However, the outside of your home specifically your garden should bring you just as much comfort, joy and happiness as the inside of your home does if not even more. Having a budget for the outside of your home is just as important as the budget for inside. If you already have a beautiful garden then you will need garden maintenance Cape town to keep it that way.

Any garden can be transformed into a beautiful, tranquil place where you can spend family time having fun in the great outdoors. There is nothing better than stepping outside your home and into a beautiful garden filed with lush green grass, trees that invite the birds and whistle in the wind, and flowers that are beautifully blossoming. A place where you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing view. There is a lot of work that goes into having a beautiful garden, some gardens would require more, time money and effort than others. If you don’t already have a garden and perhaps you have paving all around then it’s not the end, as you can still have the beautiful garden you have always dreamed of.

Gardens Galore are full of all round team of professionals who would be more than happy to give you the garden your heart desires. There will be a lot of work. Meaning that your premises will be worked on by staff for a certain amount of time depending on your wishes, with us you can have complete peace of mind of the safety aspect as the garden professionals landscaping your garden. Our team are trust worthy and are always under supervision. Digging and planting and laying of pipes are all part of the process and require hard work and skill to be done properly. Once you have created this beautiful space that is not only for your benefit but also benefiting nature, you will be feeding the birds the worms beneath your ground who have a home there. By planting flowers around you are not just benefiting from its beauty but also providing pollen for the bees. Once your place of serenity has been established it important to have garden maintenance Cape town to keep it neat and tidy

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Artificial Lawns Table View


Among the many things we take pride in when it comes to our properties are our gardens and lawns. We try to nurture and grow plants and grass not only for the role it plays to animals and bugs that are apart o the food chain and what this means for us. We nourish and nurture our gardens and lawns by cutting and watering them to grow and create an aesthetically appealing place where we can step out to after a long hard day and breath and relax our minds. The difference that a well maintained garden can have on not just your property but also on your mood and overall health are many. Imagine having a a dead brown dry garden compared to a green lustrous blooming garden and how the difference in it appearance makes you feel.

The affects of the ongoing water crisis has reached the point where it affects our gardens now as we are restricted to using whatever of the  precious resource we have left on maintaining our gardens. This means that we are no longer able to maintain the many different plants and flowers and grass we have in our gardens. There However is alternative methods that can be used to  maintain the look and atmosphere of your once lovely garden and grass that has made way for the dirt and grub. Introducing Artificial lawns Table View as the solution to reserving an appealing garden space and without nearly as much of the cost of having a real one. Artificial lawns are quickly becoming popular choice for all home owners. This what looks like real grass however is made of synthetic materials, that does not require any watering to keep green and looking healthy. Gardens Galore can now provide a garden solution that requires installation and none of the other cutting, trimming and watering that real grass used to require.

We have come to understand that the  water crisis affects on gardens have become a problem so we further extend our services to installing this artificial lawns. There hasn’t been a better way for you to save on your gardening. With its identical resemblance to the real thing you can be rest assured that you reserve you tranquil space and still enjoy your time outside. Easy and simple to install with little to no maintenance required everyone can enjoy the perks of luscious green grass to their garden.

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Artificial Lawn Table View

One of the very big challenges we have been faced with for a long time now not just as a city, or a country, or even a nation but as the world is the shortage of water. There are thousands of people around the world suffering and dying due to not having access to clean drinking water. We need water to firstly nourish our bodies and minds and keep us alive and in good health. Humans are not the only ones reliant on this precious limited resource, for their needs including cooking and hygiene. Water is life without  it we all will die humans, plants and animals, as no plants means no oxygen and no crops mean no food and that in terns means starvation and death. Water is the one substance that we that seems to be in  abundance when you look at the masses of water the oceans provide, However as much water there is available from the sea it can’t be used and consumed as it is, and there has not been much breakthrough in finding a solution to process the millions of gallons of water so that we can use it. The on going challenge of water shortage that affects our daily lives is becoming more and more serious as we reach closer and closer each day to less and less of it.

Slowly finally people are seeing how bad the situation is and are starting to practice habits that should have started being practice a long time ago to save water, and one of these is are not watering our gardens and plants anymore, and so they are dying and our sanctuaries where we sought peace and tranquility are slowly vanishing with the plants and crops dying and the green  grass now brown and disappearing making way for dust and dirt. There are however ways that you can still have a visually appealing garden that would require no water or very little thanks to artificial lawns and plants. Keep your sanctuary alive by choosing artificial lawns in Table View. Gardens Galore are experts in garden services and since recent times of the ongoing water crisis have expanded their knowledge and expertise in installing artificial lawns in Table View so that their clients can now have solution to their un appealing gardens. These lawns do not require any water and are identical to real grass and less maintenance as you don’t need to even cut it regularly as you would real grass.

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Become Water Wise

become water wise

There is no doubt that we have come face to face with the ever growing problem of the shortage of water. For some time now the urgency to save and use water wisely has been a challenge that we all through out the world have been faced with. Water is known as life we all need water to survive plants, animals and especially humans. In many places water is inaccessible and due to this claims the lives of millions as clean drinking water is not something that is as available to everyone as we might think. This limited resource that keep the  planet alive has become less and less. Sure there seems to be an abundance of water from the oceans and seas, however this water might be in abundance it is not useable to consume and be used as we need. The responsibility of saving water is crucial now more than ever before as we face severe water shortages.

There are many ways that billions of gallons of water can be saved and those lie in the smallest efforts of everyone. Detecting and fixing leaks, switching running water off if its not in use, using water efficient appliances and limiting the unnecessary use of water by reusing clothing etc have all been very effective ways to saving water, there are numerous ways in which we can and should save water and become water wise. The crisis has however become so bad that we are expected to even stop watering our gardens and flowers. The fact that there is not enough water to feed your garden and have it grow and flourish has not been easy however has been a way in which we need to become water wise, using alternative methods to keeping our natural looking spaces. We all love the our outdoor spaces and we all like experiencing the tranquility and peace of nature, so we strive to turn our outside spaces into a sanctuaries where we can have trees and flowers and grass. Gardens are not just there for peace of mind and play a large roll in the life cycle. We need to plant flowers and trees to provide oxygen and source of food and home to millions of insects who also assist in making the world go round such as our bees. There are still ways that we can continue to experience the pleasantness of the outside area without having to make use of water and that would be to use artificial lawns. It is cost effective way of keeping the outside as close to nature and saving water.

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Garden Maintenance Cape Town

Purchasing a property is a huge deal and a great big step, and there are so many things that need to be considered already when seeking the property. There’s the plumbing and water and electricity usage among the many however, there is a very important factor that people don’t usually take much time to ponder on and that is the Maintenance of the garden that the new property would need. We tend to make rough estimates if any and sometimes underestimate the care the garden would require.

The garden of the property can actually make or break the kind of ambience and tranquility that one would think brings to the home itself. Usually we fixated on the inside and tend to neglect at times the very important outside. Finding the right garden maintenance service that professional and reliable service to help you manage and bring out the potential and beauty of your personal sanctuary is of utmost importance. Garden maintenance Cape town Gardens Galore is there to offer you the best garden maintenance and other services. Professional service that understand and create a beautiful outsides living space tailored to your requirements.

Creating a garden have many key factors beginning with the individual of the house and the space given to work with. Deciding whether to have a low up keep garden or one that requires more upkeep are up to the individual. Providing the best possible advice and suggestions along with actual design and landscaping process following the maintenance needed is where Garden Galore are at their best.

Creating a garden is more than just a beautiful place of peace and tranquility where one can enjoy the lovely sunny days or playing with the kids, It’s a place of life Part of the ecosystem and input to creating a place where trees and flowers can grow and give home to the bugs, bees, and birds. Creating a sanction where other forms of life can prosper and flourish means that we giving back to ourselves. Every insect bug or creature in ones garden plays a role in the life cycle and by growing and nurturing, the nature outside our homes has its many benefits, The flowers the bees need to pollinate to the tree that provide us with oxygen. The benefits of having a well maintained garden are far beyond what we usually assume them to be and can bring so much than just a space we use to do what we don’t do inside like braais and pick nicks or hide and seek  with the kids or even just the place you step out to catch a breath of fresh air and recollect your thoughts.

Garden maintenance in Cape town by Gardens Galore

Apart from increasing the value of the property through garden maintenance is the astatically pleasing it brings to you and your mood, when spending time in relaxing and enjoying the hot summer days outside. a well maintained garden can lift your spirits and can be beneficial to your mental well being as it brings calm and clarity. Through the winter and autumn falls we often tend to neglect garden maintenance and soon, we can feel the damper it puts on us.

Garden maintenance cape town Gardens Galore help to maintain your garden to bring out the best in your spirits as you enjoy reaping the rewards that come with a well maintained garden. Apart from that it produces edible fruits and vegetables grown in the garden along with the beautiful flowers that attract the bees and other insects who serve a very important part in the life cycle. Included in the maintenance of the garden are feeding the soil, healthy soil helps produce healthy plants. Inspecting of plants to find those insects who are pest that feed off your plants and flowers and through proper maintenance this can be stopped. Plant diseases undetected can spread and kill of your whole garden and this can be the outcome of humidity and drought which can easily be avoided when regularly maintain your garden.

Garden maintenance includes clean ups of weeds and dead leaves and plants. Watering the garden regularly and tossing the soil, grooming, snipping and pruning of the flower beds trees and perhaps herbs that are growing. Knowing how to maintain ones garden can be of great value however one may not have the time and energy it takes to maintain the garden and that has a solution and that’s where garden maintenance cape town gardens galore comes in. We are fully knowledgeable when it comes to matters of the gardens and the different kinds of work that needs to be done in each different one to bring out the best in the garden and over all help you accomplish your gardens part in the bigger picture.

Garden service providers to helping contribute to the environment as a whole and bring out the best in your garden area has never been so easy. Just a phone call away. we bring all the garden tools and knowledge needed to maintain a healthy happy and easy on the eyes gardening, sharing our secrets to happier gardens that you could easily apply to make the process of your maintenance even lighter and more cost affective

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Garden Maintenance

After the autumn winds have gone and the leaves have fallen follows the chills of the winter season that has us all covered up near the fireplace hiding from the cold. During these times we tend to neglect our gardens as we don’t spend time in them due to the weather, sometimes people only get a quick glance at their gardens when accessing them, you know what they say out of site out of mind. With the fall of spring about to approach, it’s the right time for those who have not been paying much attention during these seasons to get out there or get on the phone and bring in the expert garden service to pay you a visit.

It’s time for Garden maintenance from your professional team at gardens galore to pay your garden a visit to get it back in tip top shape ready for you to enjoy the warmer days ahead. What better way to start spring with beautiful garden radiant and ready to grow trees and plants and of course the beauty of the blossoming flowers. If you’re not lucky enough to already have the plants and flowers blossoming, then maybe it’s time we planted some. With the landscaping services we offer you can be enjoying the perks of aesthetically pleasing garden, there is nothing holding you back from taking the opportunity at the fall of spring to start it off with a gift of a garden to yourself and family, and we at gardens galore can help with that with our garden design and landscaping services on offer.

Garden maintenance in any season is important so if you have been able to have a the luxury of a garden where you have spent the time to have it designed and landscaped only to find the neglect has become an issue then it’s not the end and we don’t have to start over again with garden maintenance it’s easy for us to get your garden radiant and alive again. With the knowledge and history of our garden services we are more than knowledgeable when it comes to revitalizing your garden with just about any of our services or combination of the services there is a solution to all your garden issues that you face. Get you spirits lifted again and enjoy the morning air and divine smells of the flowers as you make your way out for the day, that is sure to put a spring in your step.

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Garden maintenance

There are millions of people out there that are not lucky enough to have gardens, which is sad. Having a garden is luxury often taken for granted by many of us. Those with this luxury should appreciate the beauty and life that our gardens posses and provide including the tranquility and peace it can bring, its often a place that we can go to recuperate from a long busy or stressful day, a place where we can clear our minds, often meditation takes place in this sort of environment and through meditation we are able to work and reflect on the challenges we face and are able to realize what is best for ourselves in all areas of our lives and well being. Our gardens are full of life and play a large role as part of the ecosystem, it makes a home to all of sorts of different forms of life and with the correct garden maintenance one can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing environment which can set off different feelings for different people mostly calm, peaceful, contentment and happy positive vibes.

Trees, plants, grass and flowers are part in the lifecycle allowing for the promotion and growth as they each do their part in continuing to provide life, starting with the trees that we need to be able to breath as they provide us with Carbon dioxide. The grass is home to the grass hopers and thousands of different bugs and insects that protect our gardens from those unwanted pests who eat at the plants and trees, providing protection to  our source of life not only  oxygen but for the food that the plants and trees  grow such as fruits and vegetables, which are the food source most important to our health  and well being of  as they provide all the nutrients that our bodies require to function properly and protect us from diseases and other ailments we face and are most likely to face without the right nutrition.

Garden maintenance is a service make it easier for us to protect ourselves and our gardens to give a part back to the world bringing positivity and creativity through garden maintenance as your surroundings usually set the tone and mood. Gardens galore provides Garden maintenance services which include servicing of your lawn and garden beds. General tidying up, Cut backs and Clean-ups. Supervised teams throughout the entire visit. We provide other services as well for those who want to perhaps have a beautiful garden such as landscaping design and the water arrogation systems that are generally required for easier maintenance for the plants source of nourishment.

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Garden maintenance Cape Town

Owning your own property is something we all look forward to and work extremely hard to be in the position to own it. There are many things that pop in to mind when we are making the big purchase. There is however one of the things most of us in the excitement don’t consider and that is the maintenance of the property. The outside area and garden are the most common area that requires most of your attention maintaining on a regular basis, and it is definitely not an easy job and is quite tedious. The hard labor of maintaining your garden usually left to professional in the business to handle, people work hard all week round and whatever time they do have to themselves they surely don’t want to be using it maintaining their garden in fact they want to enjoy their gardens.

Garden maintenance is so important and need to be done for the sake of your sanity and the healthy growth and development of the garden. Plants and trees need to be trimmed and cut in order to grow stronger, I am sure that Mother Nature would appreciate the care we give our plants. Then there is the ultimate physically draining job of cutting the grass, now I really don’t think anyone wants to be doing especially not on those scorching hot days or the cold windy ones. Cutting the grass is important for and is one of the first things that one notices and quickly become a big problem ,not cutting your lawn can give off the impression that you yourself are untidy and cannot take care of things, how you keep your garden speaks a lot for about the person you are. The weeds that grow are just not good for the garden, then there is the affects that it can play on ones mood, nobody can feel at ease relaxed and content with grass knee high making it feel like a journey through the jungle just to get to your door. The autumn months and windy cities have us faced with the fallen leaves that are blow everywhere including into your house.

Garden maintenance requires a skill set as there ways, tricks and techniques that garden experts are able to use, things such as the way to trim your trees for example requires knowledge of the correct angle and braches it needs cut. You can expect garden service maintenance to not only maintain your garden but give you all the advice you need on the different plants and other flowers you need to know such as how much water to give and when and how to correctly nourish them. The different plants and trees needing to be planted in the correct places  and different climates affecting its growth, the different gardens like all other things need different kinds of maintenance in the hands of the professional.

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Irrigation Cape Town

Now we all are aware by now that in our summary season the heat can go up to a scorching 39 degrees if not more, Here in south Africa we are blessed with the warm summer days and the cold wintery days that bring with it the much anticipated rain that we rely on to fill our dams and rivers to provide a steady supply of water. Water is the main constitute of earths lakes, rivers and dams not to mention all life organisms, its vitally important for survival which we do by directly consuming the water quenching the thirst like no other liquid. Everything we do revolves around water food, hygiene, and more.

Water irrigation cape town is yet just another service among the many that we at gardens galore provides. Helping farmers and gardeners by supplying crops that is grown, with the right amounts of water sourced naturally accessed. Now this is important because farming is the backbone to our economy. With millions of vegetables and plants consumed by humans and animals demand supply of water through Irrigation cape town for the help of crops and plants, trees and almost everything that needs water for growth and sustenance. We understand the irrigation systems that are used providing different amounts of water to the different crops. Different lands and crops need different water supply and irrigation provides just that using cleverly sourced water from dams and lakes and underground water storage to promote the growth and life of the crops and organisms that we as humans rely on.

With our team of professional on hand you can expect quality New Layouts and Systems – Manual and Automated, only the best quality products used with warranties. Repairs to existing Irrigation Systems, Well point installations, as well as extending your existing Irrigation system.

Irrigation Cape Town is so important, as we know that the beautiful mountains and landscapes need correct amounts of irrigation systems to conserve not just the grounds and animals. Produce of crops and plantations of endless hectares of land that grows the grapes which make for pleasant varieties of wines. In a city Like Cape town it’s a no brainer that farmers and other individual require a sufficient supply of water that is tailored to their specific needs. Irrigation systems make for all the above and beyond with smart use of water systems in place that help give as needed but also save as much as possible.

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