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Become Water Wise

become water wise

There is no doubt that we have come face to face with the ever growing problem of the shortage of water. For some time now the urgency to save and use water wisely has been a challenge that we all through out the world have been faced with. Water is known as life we all need water to survive plants, animals and especially humans. In many places water is inaccessible and due to this claims the lives of millions as clean drinking water is not something that is as available to everyone as we might think. This limited resource that keep the  planet alive has become less and less. Sure there seems to be an abundance of water from the oceans and seas, however this water might be in abundance it is not useable to consume and be used as we need. The responsibility of saving water is crucial now more than ever before as we face severe water shortages.

There are many ways that billions of gallons of water can be saved and those lie in the smallest efforts of everyone. Detecting and fixing leaks, switching running water off if its not in use, using water efficient appliances and limiting the unnecessary use of water by reusing clothing etc have all been very effective ways to saving water, there are numerous ways in which we can and should save water and become water wise. The crisis has however become so bad that we are expected to even stop watering our gardens and flowers. The fact that there is not enough water to feed your garden and have it grow and flourish has not been easy however has been a way in which we need to become water wise, using alternative methods to keeping our natural looking spaces. We all love the our outdoor spaces and we all like experiencing the tranquility and peace of nature, so we strive to turn our outside spaces into a sanctuaries where we can have trees and flowers and grass. Gardens are not just there for peace of mind and play a large roll in the life cycle. We need to plant flowers and trees to provide oxygen and source of food and home to millions of insects who also assist in making the world go round such as our bees. There are still ways that we can continue to experience the pleasantness of the outside area without having to make use of water and that would be to use artificial lawns. It is cost effective way of keeping the outside as close to nature and saving water.

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