To maintain lush green gardens and well-manicured garden lawns, nothing is more important than feeding the plants with appropriate amount of water. Plants need water among other things, to thrive. If they receive less water than they require then they might become more prone to pests. On the other hand too much can lead to rot. If these facts are putting you off and you think that maintaining your garden might be a daunting task then, relax. Gardens Galore is there to take care of the needs of garden Irrigation in Table View, Cape Town.

Irrigation systems can come in very handy for those who have large gardens but little time. The irrigation system at Gardens galore does more than just water plants. They balance the integrity of the landscape and save your garden from disaster. Following are some of the best features of our Irrigation systems.

  • We understand that water is a valuable resource. That is why we have designed our irrigation systems to maximize your water resources. We conserve the rainwater and reuse it for feeding the plants. Using a hose to daily water the plants takes a lot of time. With an irrigation system in place, it will become more convenient.
  • With the help of an advanced irrigation system the growth of weeds can be prevented as it gives your control over which areas you want to water. By reducing the amount of weeds in your garden helps in maintaining the beauty of your garden for a longer time, saving you from the boring task of pulling them out.
  • An automated irrigation system can go a long way in preserving the soil nutrients and keep its structure intact.

Whatever your need of irrigation system for your garden- manual or automatic, we can do it for you.  Remember maintaining a beautiful garden is easy with proper irrigation. Contact us today to discuss your garden irrigation needs.

irrigation table view, cape town

irrigation table view, cape town