About Us

The team at Gardens Galore have a passion for service and customer satisfaction.
Since 2001, when we bought the business of one team with 80 clients, we have extended our service and business into thousands of homes over the years.
Bringing gardens into private spaces and private spaces into gardens, we want our clients to spend more time enjoying their outdoor surroundings.

landscaping table view
Innovation of new products and variety of services over the last few years has ensured a productive and fully functional group of teams, ready to serve and produce the Customer’s expected result, whether it be a regular garden maintenance service, or Landscaping and Irrigation. Artificial lawn and Grey water systems are new services since 2017, and as the options present themselves, we gladly embrace the various challenges of business procurement.


We also insist on Supervision of our teams and will not leave your garden unattended while we are creating your dream garden spaces, or maintaining an existing garden.