Landscaped garden are very popular these days. They add a different look to your surroundings. If you have dreamt of having a strikingly different landscaped garden adorn your home, then we at Gardens Galore can help you. We are a prominent Garden Landscape service provider in Cape Town with a large team of qualified staff, who can bring your dream garden into reality. We have a comprehensive range of services that will take care of every facet of landscape gardening. Right from design, installation and maintenance, we have qualified staff that can take care of the needs of your landscape garden. For Landscaping in Table View, Cape Town then choose Gardens Galore.

We inspect the landscape garden site of our clients and come up with various landscape garden designs for our clients to choose from. There are many elements to a landscaped garden; some popular ones are as below:

  • Variety of plants
  • Statues and garden monuments
  • Pathways and driveways
  • Patios
  • Garden Lightings
  • Fencing and trellis work
  • Garden Furniture
  • Plant Containers
  • Mature Trees
  • Turfing

We take in all these elements and create the landscape garden of your dreams. We understand that the climatic conditions like rainfall, wind, soil type, etc., of the place has a huge influence on the design and that is why we believe in coming up with a design that is in harmony with nature. Landscaping is both an art and a science. Good landscapers have to be observant and must have an understanding of the surroundings and the various elements of landscape gardening.

Whether you want to have a landscape garden to enhance the value of your house, or because you enjoy living surrounded by beauty, Gardens Galore can be your perfect landscape gardening partner. Our landscaping services are best-in-class and give you the best value for your money. If you want to discuss your landscape garden needs or want a quote, feel free to contact us via mail or phone.

landscaping table view, cape town

landscaping table view, cape town