Become Water Wise

Water wise gardens:

To become wise about how we use water in our gardens and the design of our spaces to preserve our scarce and precious resource. Make use of plants which thrive with less water, and have a built in capacity to retain water in their structure.

If it is an existing garden, there is some planning involved, but after the decision has been made, it will be a great transformation. We will gladly help with this discussion.
We have transformed many spaces within existing gardens as well as re- designing the whole garden.
Gravel, pebbles, river rocks, railway sleepers, and the like are used creatively to bring the outdoors into the inside, and vice versa.
Pots and statement plants can be used to create the same effect. It is lots of fun revitalising a tired, and rather thirsty garden which has never had to be compromised before the drought we are now experiencing.