8 Garden Maintenance Practices

Gardening is a loveable thing to do but our daily busy schedules do not permit us to engage in it. As much as most people love to keep a beautiful garden, only very few number of people have sufficient time to beautify their space as much as they want. The challenge now remains how to keep your garden beautiful by doing proper garden maintenance without neglecting any of your daily tasks.

Maybe you have been thinking “how do I stay out of getting fully involved in tendering my garden while still ensuring that it is well watered, and does not get rough. Here are 8 garden maintenance practices that would bring that hidden wish of your heart to reality.

Keep your Garden Damp

Never allow your garden grow dry, moist is good for your garden so, always ensure that your garden flowers are kept damp at all times, you can just engage in watering between one and twice in a week.

Water in the morning and at night

The best time to water your plants is when the earth (soil) is cold, this occurs majorly at the early hours of the day (morning) and at night after dusk. The reason is because evaporation from the soil occurs better during these periods compared to the hot period of the day.

Don’t water plan heads

During watering always avoid putting water on the heads or tops of the plant and flowers because watering the plants or flowers at the top is responsible for the appearance of mildew on the plants or flowers. So pay attention while watering to prevent damaging your garden.

Water regulation

You definitely don’t want your garden to get water logged. A good method to avoid this is by making use of an irrigation system which always keep the soil moisture content in check, to avoid dryness and excess moisture in the soil.

Eradicate weeds completely

Peradventure you injured a weed while working on your garden, make sure you get rid of the weed completely. Use blades of get root of the root to avoid regrowth and improper competitions for nutrients.

Practice dense planting

By “dense planting” we mean ensure that your plants are planted densely. The benefit of this is that there will be an appreciable reduction in areas where weeds can grow.

Temperature regulation

Hot weather is not good for your lawn. 260C is perfect to boost growth, but when the temperature is getting beyond 300C, growth will be impeded. Don’t cut your grass too short, about 5 inches from the ground is okay so that soil won’t be able to drain the soil of moisture.

Automated watering

Between 4 and 8 hours is the best time to water the grass. Considering your schedule you may not be able to this, but you can easily make use of an automated system to carry out your watering during the hours. Garden maintenance Cape Town has been made easy!

All tips described above are good garden maintenance activities that would keep your garden in a perfect shape without interrupting your daily schedules.

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