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Garden Maintenance Cape Town

Garden maintenance (Cape Town) is a responsibility that every garden owner cannot afford to joke with, particularly because of the outbreak of plant diseases in gardens today.

One very important thing you should know and understand well about preventing garden disease is that three things have to be present before it can occur. These three things are; a host (a plant susceptible to the disease), a pathogen that is capable of attacking the plant, and a suitable environmental condition for disease existence. Therefore, preventing disease occurrence in your garden means you making sure that at least one of the trio is absent in your garden. A concise explanation of this is the popular adage “prevention is better than cure”. Garden maintenance Cape Town is made easy with the top-notch service rendered by Gardens Galore.

We have taken it upon ourselves to list and explain 4 ways by which you can make sure that at least one of the factors responsible for the spread of plant disease is absent in your garden.

Don’t buy plants carelessly

The earliest and best way to ensure that your garden is safe from disease is by first of all making sure that you don’t introduce the disease to your garden. Although difficult, you still have to be able to identify healthy plants. Garden maintenance (Cape Town) has a lot to do with the health of the plants you start your garden with so, don’t plants carelessly but make sure you buy healthy ones, which won’t introduce disease into your garden.

Always tidy up your garden

Garden maintenance is something you have to be intentional about hence, you have to carry it out as a routine. With this practice, you won’t only prevent the occurrence of disease(s) in your garden but you will also curb the diseases (s) already existing in your garden.

Diseases are capable of overwintering on debris and dead leaves, and as a result attack the new leaves that come forth in spring.

Pruning at due times

One of the practices of garden maintenance service is the pruning of trees or shrubs at the late winter periods, which is the best time to do so. You don’t have to wait until spring before trimming because it could aid the spread of disease to fresh plants.

Space you plants properly

Garden maintenance (Cape Town) is easier to carry out when the plants in your garden are not crowded. As much as you want to maximize the space around your house or office building, don’t yield to the temptation of cultivating too many plants.

When plants are crowded, they often create humidity for themselves which allows diseases like rust, powdery mildew, etc. to thrive in your garden.

Gardens Galore is devoted to offering garden maintenance services in Cape Town, perhaps you feel like you cannot handle the responsibility of maintaining a healthy garden all by yourself, you can just reach out to us and you can be sure that we will get the job done perfectly.

Benefits of Garden Maintenance in Cape Town

Having a garden is a good way to beautify your property. Nowadays, many people leave spaces for gardens while planning the structure of the home and office buildings while designing, which is a very good practice. As a family, you can enjoy your home garden, and at work you can also decide to take a stroll in your garden after hours of sitting in a position to cool off office stress. Every good thing has a price, and the “price” to be paid in this case is good garden maintenance.

A lot of garden owners handle garden maintenance with levity, which should not be. A well-kept garden is significant in the overall outlook of your home. We understand this at Gardens Galore and that is why we have taken it upon ourselves to make a list of the benefits you stand to get from Garden Maintenance here in Cape Town. These benefits are explained below;

The safety of your children

Children love to play and explore, and a good place where they can do this is your home garden. As a result of this you must carry out routine garden maintenance so that your little ones can be kept safe while enjoying themselves in your garden.

Pests and dangerous reptiles hide in unkempt gardens so, you will ensure the safety of your children by maintaining a levelled lawn and trimming the grass hedges. You could just mow your lawn fortnightly and practise regular weeding, treatment and packing of debris from the garden.

Aesthetic value

Well maintained gardens are capable of beautifying your homes beyond what you could imagine. The value of a building is not just based on how complex or standard the structures are, the state of the garden also adds to the aesthetic and economic value, never underestimate the value of a good garden.

A well-kept and attractive garden gives more dignity to your property and qualifies it for more worth.

Asides the economic value that garden maintenance gives your property, it also makes your home more presentable and accommodating, you definitely want to keep a garden and be proud of it.

Mind wholeness

Ever tried sitting in a neat garden before? It brings calmness to the mind, it is a good place to think both critically and creatively. Your mental health can be improved when you have a clean environment to yourself.

Routine garden maintenance allows you to stay outdoors more, too relieve your mind of the daily stress of life. Medical practitioners have also endorsed gardening as a good way of releasing mind stress and staying healthy.

The stress involved in maintaining a garden is a major reason why some individuals find it difficult to keep a tidy garden, which is understandable. Gardens Galore is a garden maintenance company that is committed to giving your garden the best of the best look. You are only a click away from having that perfect garden you think exists only in your imaginations.


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Why You Should Hire Garden Maintenance Service Cape Town

Having a garden of your own is advisable because there are numerous benefits you get from it. The benefits include; health to your mind and body, activeness, relaxation, etc. However, our individual busy schedules does not often give us the luxury of time to properly maintain a garden.

Your busy schedule is no longer an excuse for not having a properly maintained garden or not even having a garden at all. Hiring garden maintenance service Cape Town will give you the best chance to have a beautiful garden that would be called your own.


A considerable number of people see gardening as something that is easy to practise, but the moment you are the one doing the work, you will know that gardening is not as easy as it seems. You should hire garden maintenance services because the people who do this business know the intricacies of the work as a result of first-hand experiences that they have. They know the kinds of land and how suitable they are for flowers and plants, and they can easily identify the needs of your garden, including all the gardening activities; planting, pruning, watering, weeding, and fertilizer application. Hiring them would make out the best of your space.

Tools availability

It is likely that you have some of the tools for garden maintenance activities but you might not have all the necessary ones for your own garden because gardening is not your field of expertise. Some individuals even go ahead to buy all the gardening tools they come across in the market, tools they may not even need. The Garden maintenance company would take care of that for you.


Everyone wants a clean environment with a beautiful garden, but how many can do what it takes to have what they want? The desire might be there, but what about the know-how; the skills that you need to bring your desire into reality? Garden maintenance Cape Town might be difficult for you to practice by yourself but all that can be taken care of when you hire a company that is specialized in it.

Time factor

Time is a major factor in garden maintenance. As an individual who has several responsibilities to handle, you would agree that spending minutes to take care of a garden would not be top on your priority list. When you hire a garden maintenance service (Cape Town) you no longer have to squeeze time out of your busy schedule to take care of your garden, you can leave the company to worry about that.


Another thing you stand to gain when you hire a garden maintenance service Cape Town is someone to talk to as regards your garden. Perhaps you are about to introduce a new thing or you are having some challenges in your garden, speaking with a consultant would help you to know the steps to take and the things to avoid, as the case may be.

Garden maintenance Cape Town is pivotal to having the garden of your dreams.

8 Garden Maintenance Practices

Gardening is a loveable thing to do but our daily busy schedules do not permit us to engage in it. As much as most people love to keep a beautiful garden, only very few number of people have sufficient time to beautify their space as much as they want. The challenge now remains how to keep your garden beautiful by doing proper garden maintenance without neglecting any of your daily tasks.

Maybe you have been thinking “how do I stay out of getting fully involved in tendering my garden while still ensuring that it is well watered, and does not get rough. Here are 8 garden maintenance practices that would bring that hidden wish of your heart to reality.

Keep your Garden Damp

Never allow your garden grow dry, moist is good for your garden so, always ensure that your garden flowers are kept damp at all times, you can just engage in watering between one and twice in a week.

Water in the morning and at night

The best time to water your plants is when the earth (soil) is cold, this occurs majorly at the early hours of the day (morning) and at night after dusk. The reason is because evaporation from the soil occurs better during these periods compared to the hot period of the day.

Don’t water plan heads

During watering always avoid putting water on the heads or tops of the plant and flowers because watering the plants or flowers at the top is responsible for the appearance of mildew on the plants or flowers. So pay attention while watering to prevent damaging your garden.

Water regulation

You definitely don’t want your garden to get water logged. A good method to avoid this is by making use of an irrigation system which always keep the soil moisture content in check, to avoid dryness and excess moisture in the soil.

Eradicate weeds completely

Peradventure you injured a weed while working on your garden, make sure you get rid of the weed completely. Use blades of get root of the root to avoid regrowth and improper competitions for nutrients.

Practice dense planting

By “dense planting” we mean ensure that your plants are planted densely. The benefit of this is that there will be an appreciable reduction in areas where weeds can grow.

Temperature regulation

Hot weather is not good for your lawn. 260C is perfect to boost growth, but when the temperature is getting beyond 300C, growth will be impeded. Don’t cut your grass too short, about 5 inches from the ground is okay so that soil won’t be able to drain the soil of moisture.

Automated watering

Between 4 and 8 hours is the best time to water the grass. Considering your schedule you may not be able to this, but you can easily make use of an automated system to carry out your watering during the hours. Garden maintenance Cape Town has been made easy!

All tips described above are good garden maintenance activities that would keep your garden in a perfect shape without interrupting your daily schedules.

Garden Maintenance Cape Town

The first thing we do to our homes are paint, fix, and decorate it according to what we prefer and what makes us feel happy and relaxed in that space. We push loads of money into the different items that make our house beautiful often finding ourselves making a few changes by renovating our homes. Often our budgets are solely set for the interior of the home and not the exterior. However, the outside of your home specifically your garden should bring you just as much comfort, joy and happiness as the inside of your home does if not even more. Having a budget for the outside of your home is just as important as the budget for inside. If you already have a beautiful garden then you will need garden maintenance Cape town to keep it that way.

Any garden can be transformed into a beautiful, tranquil place where you can spend family time having fun in the great outdoors. There is nothing better than stepping outside your home and into a beautiful garden filed with lush green grass, trees that invite the birds and whistle in the wind, and flowers that are beautifully blossoming. A place where you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing view. There is a lot of work that goes into having a beautiful garden, some gardens would require more, time money and effort than others. If you don’t already have a garden and perhaps you have paving all around then it’s not the end, as you can still have the beautiful garden you have always dreamed of.

Gardens Galore are full of all round team of professionals who would be more than happy to give you the garden your heart desires. There will be a lot of work. Meaning that your premises will be worked on by staff for a certain amount of time depending on your wishes, with us you can have complete peace of mind of the safety aspect as the garden professionals landscaping your garden. Our team are trust worthy and are always under supervision. Digging and planting and laying of pipes are all part of the process and require hard work and skill to be done properly. Once you have created this beautiful space that is not only for your benefit but also benefiting nature, you will be feeding the birds the worms beneath your ground who have a home there. By planting flowers around you are not just benefiting from its beauty but also providing pollen for the bees. Once your place of serenity has been established it important to have garden maintenance Cape town to keep it neat and tidy

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Garden Maintenance Cape Town

Purchasing a property is a huge deal and a great big step, and there are so many things that need to be considered already when seeking the property. There’s the plumbing and water and electricity usage among the many however, there is a very important factor that people don’t usually take much time to ponder on and that is the Maintenance of the garden that the new property would need. We tend to make rough estimates if any and sometimes underestimate the care the garden would require.

The garden of the property can actually make or break the kind of ambience and tranquility that one would think brings to the home itself. Usually we fixated on the inside and tend to neglect at times the very important outside. Finding the right garden maintenance service that professional and reliable service to help you manage and bring out the potential and beauty of your personal sanctuary is of utmost importance. Garden maintenance Cape town Gardens Galore is there to offer you the best garden maintenance and other services. Professional service that understand and create a beautiful outsides living space tailored to your requirements.

Creating a garden have many key factors beginning with the individual of the house and the space given to work with. Deciding whether to have a low up keep garden or one that requires more upkeep are up to the individual. Providing the best possible advice and suggestions along with actual design and landscaping process following the maintenance needed is where Garden Galore are at their best.

Creating a garden is more than just a beautiful place of peace and tranquility where one can enjoy the lovely sunny days or playing with the kids, It’s a place of life Part of the ecosystem and input to creating a place where trees and flowers can grow and give home to the bugs, bees, and birds. Creating a sanction where other forms of life can prosper and flourish means that we giving back to ourselves. Every insect bug or creature in ones garden plays a role in the life cycle and by growing and nurturing, the nature outside our homes has its many benefits, The flowers the bees need to pollinate to the tree that provide us with oxygen. The benefits of having a well maintained garden are far beyond what we usually assume them to be and can bring so much than just a space we use to do what we don’t do inside like braais and pick nicks or hide and seek  with the kids or even just the place you step out to catch a breath of fresh air and recollect your thoughts.

Garden maintenance in Cape town by Gardens Galore

Apart from increasing the value of the property through garden maintenance is the astatically pleasing it brings to you and your mood, when spending time in relaxing and enjoying the hot summer days outside. a well maintained garden can lift your spirits and can be beneficial to your mental well being as it brings calm and clarity. Through the winter and autumn falls we often tend to neglect garden maintenance and soon, we can feel the damper it puts on us.

Garden maintenance cape town Gardens Galore help to maintain your garden to bring out the best in your spirits as you enjoy reaping the rewards that come with a well maintained garden. Apart from that it produces edible fruits and vegetables grown in the garden along with the beautiful flowers that attract the bees and other insects who serve a very important part in the life cycle. Included in the maintenance of the garden are feeding the soil, healthy soil helps produce healthy plants. Inspecting of plants to find those insects who are pest that feed off your plants and flowers and through proper maintenance this can be stopped. Plant diseases undetected can spread and kill of your whole garden and this can be the outcome of humidity and drought which can easily be avoided when regularly maintain your garden.

Garden maintenance includes clean ups of weeds and dead leaves and plants. Watering the garden regularly and tossing the soil, grooming, snipping and pruning of the flower beds trees and perhaps herbs that are growing. Knowing how to maintain ones garden can be of great value however one may not have the time and energy it takes to maintain the garden and that has a solution and that’s where garden maintenance cape town gardens galore comes in. We are fully knowledgeable when it comes to matters of the gardens and the different kinds of work that needs to be done in each different one to bring out the best in the garden and over all help you accomplish your gardens part in the bigger picture.

Garden service providers to helping contribute to the environment as a whole and bring out the best in your garden area has never been so easy. Just a phone call away. we bring all the garden tools and knowledge needed to maintain a healthy happy and easy on the eyes gardening, sharing our secrets to happier gardens that you could easily apply to make the process of your maintenance even lighter and more cost affective

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