Garden Maintenance Cape Town

Garden maintenance (Cape Town) is a responsibility that every garden owner cannot afford to joke with, particularly because of the outbreak of plant diseases in gardens today.

One very important thing you should know and understand well about preventing garden disease is that three things have to be present before it can occur. These three things are; a host (a plant susceptible to the disease), a pathogen that is capable of attacking the plant, and a suitable environmental condition for disease existence. Therefore, preventing disease occurrence in your garden means you making sure that at least one of the trio is absent in your garden. A concise explanation of this is the popular adage “prevention is better than cure”. Garden maintenance Cape Town is made easy with the top-notch service rendered by Gardens Galore.

We have taken it upon ourselves to list and explain 4 ways by which you can make sure that at least one of the factors responsible for the spread of plant disease is absent in your garden.

Don’t buy plants carelessly

The earliest and best way to ensure that your garden is safe from disease is by first of all making sure that you don’t introduce the disease to your garden. Although difficult, you still have to be able to identify healthy plants. Garden maintenance (Cape Town) has a lot to do with the health of the plants you start your garden with so, don’t plants carelessly but make sure you buy healthy ones, which won’t introduce disease into your garden.

Always tidy up your garden

Garden maintenance is something you have to be intentional about hence, you have to carry it out as a routine. With this practice, you won’t only prevent the occurrence of disease(s) in your garden but you will also curb the diseases (s) already existing in your garden.

Diseases are capable of overwintering on debris and dead leaves, and as a result attack the new leaves that come forth in spring.

Pruning at due times

One of the practices of garden maintenance service is the pruning of trees or shrubs at the late winter periods, which is the best time to do so. You don’t have to wait until spring before trimming because it could aid the spread of disease to fresh plants.

Space you plants properly

Garden maintenance (Cape Town) is easier to carry out when the plants in your garden are not crowded. As much as you want to maximize the space around your house or office building, don’t yield to the temptation of cultivating too many plants.

When plants are crowded, they often create humidity for themselves which allows diseases like rust, powdery mildew, etc. to thrive in your garden.

Gardens Galore is devoted to offering garden maintenance services in Cape Town, perhaps you feel like you cannot handle the responsibility of maintaining a healthy garden all by yourself, you can just reach out to us and you can be sure that we will get the job done perfectly.

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